10 Things To Do While Staying Safe at Home

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Many of you are working from home (some with kids and pets), many are feeling lost without your national sports games, local restaurants and gyms, and a lot of you are on lock-down, having cancelled your spring break travel plans.

At Madison, we believe that, while we can't anticipate what the pandemic will do in the future, we can control how we respond to it. That's why the team at Madison & Company has decided to put together a list of fun things you can do during this time.

Think of this slow time as a time to reset and rejuvenate rather than a disruption, and maximize it to set yourself up for future success!

1. Beautify Your Home and Your Yard
- Start brainstorming and planning home renovations, and use this guide to research the home updates that have the most return on investment in 2020.
- When your home is your biggest investment, home maintenance is a must. Check out the Annual Home Maintenance Checklist that doesn't make these tasks overwhelming.
- Follow this Spring Gardening Checklist for a gorgeous landscape year-round.

2. Update Your Home Office & Work Smart From Home

- Working from home? Upgrade your home office using these 4 Tips and 32 Examples.

- Sure, you get to stay home, but sometimes it can be harder to focus on actually working. Use these 5 tips to stay productive and mentally healthy while you're working remotely.

- Check out this list of the 23 of the easiest houseplants you can grow for better air quality in your home (and your home office).

3. Build Your Business

- Small business owner? Yeah, us too. Check out this list of the 5 Ways to Retain Your Customers During the Coronavirus Outbreak.

- In times like these, it's easy to push your social media strategy to the bottom of the priority list. Here are a few  recommendations for how to use Social Media In Times of Uncertainty.

- One certainty during a time of crisis: we will recover. SEO and social media is very much a living, breathing, competitive space and if you're not actively moving ahead, you're falling behind. Check out this article with 13 Ways Businesses Can Use SEO & Marketing to Combat Coronavirus Impact.

4. Learn New Skills

- Here is a list of those things you always said you "never have time for." 6 Skills You Can Master During A Quarantine Using Youtube.

- "8 hours? Are you kidding me? It takes 10,000 hours to learn a new skill." Wrong! 8 Timeless Skills to Learn Now in Under 8 Hours to Change your Life Forever.

- The 30 most lucrative skills you can learn online, from the point of view that a new skill puts you in line for new income streams.

5. Spend Time With Your Family (and Keep the Kids Entertained)

- Check out this guide about what to do with kids at home on Coronavirus break for who-knows-how-long (without losing it).

- Watch these virtual concerts from your couch.

- 27 Easy, impactful DIYs for when you're stuck at home.

- Kids stuck indoors? Let these celebrities take care of story time tonight.

6. Eat Well at Home

- Buy local and help keep small businesses alive! Did you know that restaurants are still open for take-out?

- Learn to cook! We found the Best Recipes From Colorado - all submitted by local home cooks.

- There are real healing powers behind chicken soup. What to eat to boost your immune system, according to a registered dietician.

7. Start Your Spring Cleaning

- The best Healthy Home Products of 2020: A day-to-day, room-to-room road map of easy places to start building The Healthiest Home Possible.

- The easiest Weekly Cleaning Schedule to keep your home spotless.

The Right Way to Kill Coronavirus Germs, according to cleaning experts.

The Ultimate Spring Clean using the Marie Kondo Method.

8. Host an At-Home Date Night for You & Your Partner

- Get cozy tonight with these at-home date ideas.

Netflix and Chill: The best shows and original series on Netflix right now.

- Tired of TV yet? You're not alone. Here are 5 stay-at-home date night ideas that are better than Netflix.

9. Work Out at Home (And Manage Your Movement)

- Set up an at-home gym: 10 items that experts recommend for an easy and effective at-home workout.

- How to fix a sedentary lifestyle (Because it's never too late to get moving): Follow these Fix Your Sedentary Lifestyle tips to stay healthy and become more active.

- 9 Totally Free At-Home Workouts for when Coronavirus is keeping you inside.

10. Strengthen Your Immune System, and (Dare We Say It?) Get Some Rest!

- Boost your immune system to fight viruses: Science-backed tips to boost immunity for strengthening your immune response quickly and effectively.

10 strategies for combating the stress of uncertainty: While you can't anticipate what the pandemic will do in the future, you can control how you respond to it. Follow these strategies that'll help ease your anxiety and reduce your stress.

- Tired of tossing and turning at night? These Simple tips to help you sleep better will help you sleep better and be more energetic and productive during the day.

Stay safe, positive and healthy!

- Marie Lynch/Madison and Company

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