Each Day a New Dawn

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Letting go of our need to resist the new, the different, and the
 unfamiliar - allows us to move forward incrementally -
 to eventually embrace it.

- Jani McCarty


This isn't the first time I've experienced an uninvited, unwanted period of reckoning. I remember another time of great upheaval -which for me - was unprecedented, inconvenient and extremely uncomfortable.


Kind of like now.


The big difference between then and now was that while the outside world continued along pretty much as usual, my own familiar Life crumbled into unrecognizable pieces.


Not that my Life was going all that well to begin with. I had been spiraling down for several years, lost in an endless battle to fix myself and to regain some semblance of happiness, of my self-control.


It was exhausting to try to manage my drinking and drugging while showing up daily, pretending to be normal.


You see I had lost my way. I had fallen off my path and couldn't remember what was true for me. I was disillusioned by my beliefs and had strayed from what was really important in Life.


Kind of like now.


What I counted on for my reality, the outside influences that I relied on to define me and how my Life should look, drastically changed.


Nothing was the same. Piece by piece familiar aspects fell away. I felt disorientated, afraid, and certainly powerless.


Kind of like now.


Though Life's true constant is change, we live our lives acting as if we have the power to control it. That is, until something catastrophic happens. Then we can be shaken from our core and our identity and sense of security feel threatened.


And therein lies our angst.


What I know to be true today is that we do have the power of choice! 


We have the power to choose our thoughts, focus, and attitudes. Daily we can choose how we respond to the events, situations, and circumstances of our lives.


We have the power to choose how we treat ourselves. We choose how we teach others to treat us! And each time we interact with family, friends, colleagues or strangers, we choose who we are and how we show up!


Just knowing we possess the power to choose can elevate the trust we have for ourselves. This knowing allows us to let go of needing to resist whatever experience we have in the moment. When we make a conscious decision to let go, we open up to see new possibilities and to learn from the lessons Life is offering us.


In present time, regardless of how it might look, we are empowered to make new choices that can heal and deepen the quality of our lives.
This is true for each and every one of us.


Here are 5 lessons that still serve me, almost 32 years after choosing to get clean and sober:

Trust in a Higher Power.


Whether a child of God, or a "spirit spark", we are all an integral part of the great human connection. We are physical delegates for the Divine light of all there is. We are never alone. We cannot be separate from our source of knowing. When we listen with our hearts; clarity, guidance, and peace reveal through our intuition.
We are empowered with courage, strength, compassion and love.



Practice personal responsibility. 


Life happens for us, not to us. When we let go of needing to judge or blame others for our experience, we are free and supported to create what we want.



Live Life one day at a time.


Life exists and expresses in the present. The present is where God is. When we stay focused on the moment, we are given all we need to take our next right step. We must be present to win!


Now more than ever we understand that today is the gift we've been given and tomorrow is promised to no one. 



Take daily personal inventory.


Be consistent in assessing thoughts, behaviors and the language we use with ourselves and others. Notice whatever feels out of sync with who we are or how we want to be. Consciously make choices and take action to correct, heal and realign.



Live in Gratitude.
We choose to focus on seeing the infinite ways our lives bless us.
We practice seeing the good in our experiences, in our relationships, and in our opportunities for change. We develop our gratitude muscle by continuously reaching for that good and expressing ourselves in gratefulness.



What could you let go of resisting in your Life today?

Jani McCarty
Love & Light TLC
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