Evergreen Elections

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Evergreen Elections

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On May 5th two important elections happened in our community. There were open seats on both the Evergreen Park & Recreation District Board and the Evergreen Fire Rescue Board. These are elected positions and they are not paid. Being on the board of these organizations impacts our recreation and safety in regards to emergencies and wildfire.

Monty Estis and Don Rosenthal on your election for a 3 year term for the Evergreen Park & Recreation District.
Chuck Ridings and John Porter on your election for a 3 year term for the Evergreen Fire Protection District.

Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) Board of Directors Election Information

The Board of Directors of Evergreen Park & Recreation District is made up of 5 individuals elected from the District at large. They each serve for a term of 4 years and may serve for 2 consecutive terms. Board seat elections are held in May of even-numbered years for those Directors whose terms have expired. To help insure continuity of service on the Board, terms are staggered such that no more than 3 Directors are elected in any given election cycle.

Evergreen Fire Rescue Election Information

Two board members will be elected from these candidates for three year terms. The Colorado Special Districts are transitioning to odd year elections from even years. Because of this change the board members that are elected on May 5th will serve 3 year terms instead of 4 years.  The EFPD does not have term limits for its board members.