Water Damage in Evergreen

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The Warm Side of Spring! 

The wait for spring begins in February when Punxsutawney Phil leisurely crawls out of his home in the cool grounds of Pennsylvania.  By Groundhog Day, the holidays have come and gone and we are well established into the New Year.  Typically, it has been snowing since late October and we are eagerly anticipating news of warmer weather.  So, we patiently wait for our furry Phil to give us his prediction. 

The Cold Side of Spring 

This year, he did not see his shadow, which gave us the good news of early spring!  Unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil is only correct 39% of the time, and like the arrival of spring, the weather it produces is just as unpredictable.  

Spring weather can lead to snow and ice melt that causes flooding in our communities.  This winter, Evergreen and the mountain regions saw a lot of the fluffy white fall, and many of the areas of our communities are now in danger of potential floods.  

Damage Control 

While we can't prevent flooding completely, there are things we can do in the home to help protect from further water damage in Evergreen. 

  • First off, it is good to know of the flood level and potential for your home.  You can obtain this information through your local insurance agent.   
  • Next, safeguard in-home electrical and climate systems.  Switches, sockets, circuits breakers and wiring should all be above the flood level for your home.   
  • Anchor and elevate equipment such as fuel tanks, air-conditioners, and generators.  
  • Install an interior and exterior backflow valve for your sewer system.  A flooded sewer can flood the home.  
  • Clean gutters and drains. 

How SERVPRO of Evergreen Can Help 

While every water damage situation is unique, the general process stays the same.  Below are the 6 steps we take when restoring your home like it never even happened. 

  1. Emergency Contact 
  2. Inspection of the damage 
  3. Water removal and extraction 
  4. Drying and Dehumidification 
  5. Cleaning and Sanitizing 
  6. Restoration  

Who Are We? 

SERVPRO is an industry leader in flood restoration.  When this type of disaster strikes, immediate action is crucial.  We are a 24-hour response team that uses advanced equipment and techniques to get the water removed quickly and efficiently.  We are a locally owned and operated family business in Evergreen, so customer care is our number one goal.

We provide extensive training to our employees and are highly specialized in flood restoration as well as fire, mold, and many other services.  

We are a preferred vendor to many national and local insurance companies making the claims process easy and painless for the homeowner.  

Please give us a call for any of your home restoration needs! (303) 279-8055  or visit our website athttps://www.servprogoldenwheatridgeevergreen.com