2020 Tips: Branding is Key!

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You heard Betsy. In a recent Chamber newsletter, she wrote, "January is the perfect time to work on updating your marketing materials. Brush-up your website, get creative with promotional products, and restock your business cards or brochures!"

It just so happens, we're here for all of that. Wander Unlimited specializes in all areas of creative marketing, branding, and promotion, and we know what a difference this attention to detail can make for a business.

Branding is key. It isn't just about creating a new flyer for January, rather designing a piece of marketing that tells the story you put out there with everything else--from your logo to your website, your social media and client presentations. When we work on branding businesses, we create what is called a brand guidelines document, a useful little toolkit that keeps all outreach efforts streamlined and consistent.

Branding packages look different for every business and goal, but there are some key components and best practices that we focus on for every project.

  1. Decide on one logo and a coordinating mark. These are the images that you'll be known by. Make rules about where to use them and how you use them. Never break those rules.

  2. Define your color palette. In order to coordinate messaging, you should stick to one or two colors and correlating tones. Color has the power to evoke emotion, and you want to maintain a certain feeling around your brand.

  3. Determine your messages. When you have a recognizable business, it can be tempting to utilize that platform for any myriad of topics. But business--and all its facets, including marketing--is at its best when it's focused. Running targeted campaigns with set messaging guarantees a bigger bang for your buck.

  4. Stay on-brand. In the age of social media, the idea of "on-brand" has become a bit of a joke; but then again, there's normally some validity in the zeitgeist. Your brochures should look like your website, should look like your social media, should look like your branded merchandise.

Adhering to these practices ensures that you're building a brand bigger than just a company name, with a brief description of what you do. You're creating an emotive, experiential environment that captures attention and holds it by maintaining expectations.

When the calendar flips to 2020, we're not just starting a new year, we're beginning a new decade. This should infuse you with energy! Open your mind to the unlimited possibilities of your business and how homing in on your brand, your story, can drive you toward all of that opportunity.

As branding specialists, we help build these big pictures around businesses. Wander Unlimited specializes in modern, easy-to-use websites; social media management; and marketing collateral that's all keeping with a theme. It doesn't have to be complicated to be good, and it doesn't have to be expensive to make a difference. We use intentional tactics and thoughtful processes to maximize branding efforts.

To learn more about our work and how these services can improve your business, visit www.wanderunlimited.com.

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