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Meet Our Staff


The operations of the Chamber are managed by President/CEO, Nancy Judge. Working as a team, our focus is to provide our members with business resource information, educational programming, networking and marketing opportunities, and to promote the community awareness necessary to maintain economic vitality. We can be reached at: (303) 674-3412.

Pictured Left to Right: Valli Crockett Membership Coordinator, Gwendoline Ryan Marketing Manager, Nancy Judge President/CEO, Clair Hicks Operations Manager, Courtney Thorud Special Events & Projects Manager. missing: Jackie Mohr Skate the Lake Event Manager ,Marie Lynch Skate the Lake Volunteer Manager, Patti Morris Accounts Manager 

Contact Us:


President &CEO
Nancy Judge
[email protected]

Staff Photos_Clair

Operations Manager (General Inquiries)
Clair Hicks
[email protected]

Staff Photos_GwenRyan

Marketing/Communications Manager
Gwendoline A. Ryan
[email protected]


Events & Special Projects Manager
Courtney Thorud
[email protected]

Staff Photos_ValliCrockett

Membership Coordinator 
Valli Crockett
[email protected]

Staff Photos_Patti

Accounts Manager
Patti Morris
[email protected]

Staff Photos_JackieMohr

Skate The Lake Event Manager
Jackie Mohr  
[email protected]

Staff Photos_MarieLynch

Skate The Lake Volunteer Manager
Marie Lynch
[email protected]