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Hello, Evergreen Residents. Thank you for taking the time to visit our Local's Guide. Have additional questions or need a recommendation? Please don't hesitate to call us at (303) 674-3412, or drop by our Visitor's Center.

You can find Local Maps and Chamber Guides on our Maps & Guides page.

New to Evergreen & Altitude?

You'll want to know these things!

    • Because water boils at a lower temperature at a higher altitude, it takes longer to cook hard-boiled eggs.


    • Don't expect to exercise as intensely as usual when you first move here. The altitude will affect even the best athletes. Ease into it and drink twice as much water as usual!


    • You'll need more flour when you bake. Follow high-altitude instructions for recipes whenever available.


    • Colder doesn't mean less sun. In fact, there's less protection from the sun so you will need sunscreen, sunglasses and lip balm with


    • Don't pack up your summer clothes- or your winter clothes. Weather changes quickly around here so it's best to dress in (or bring) layers.


Living in a mountain community means having special consideration for things like wildfires, wildlife, wells, septic systems, mail delivery, emergency services and more. Jefferson County Government has a free downloadable mountain living checklist.

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