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Everyone who lives in Evergreen has an opinion about what makes this mountain town so amazing. Survey residents and you'll probably get a lot of responses about the people, its natural beauty or the small-town feel. We thought we'd ask people who know the area more than anyone to see if there's a general consensus on the top attributes of the area. Here are what local Evergreen realtors have to say about why Evergreen sells itself!


Andrew McWilliams, Managing Broker of RE/MAX Alliance says there's "a totally different vibe" living in the mountains. "People are kinder and have a different sense of appreciation for the important things in life like family, friends and nature," he explains. "I have always loved the outdoors and participate in many activities including fishing, Evergreen hiking, horseback riding and golf. There is nowhere better to be outdoors than in Evergreen!"


McWilliams' team of brokers has similar feelings about the area:


Alicia Sexton, who has lived in Evergreen/Conifer since 1985 and is a graduate of Evergreen High School says that there is so much to love and admire about Evergreen that it's hard to name just a few. "I love hiking and biking in Elk Meadow or Three Sisters, and fishing, boating and skating on Evergreen Lake, says Sexton. "There is also a real sense of community and we are all here to help one another when needed. The proximity to Denver and the mountains can't be beat and I could not think of living anywhere other than Evergreen!"


Lynn Westfall, points out that Evergreen has a unique appeal to the whole spectrum of residents, from retirees to families with young children. "Evergreen has a great community of retired folks that get involved and stay active.  We have lots of events and organizations to help you get out and meet people, whatever your passion-be it hiking, golfing, arts, working out in an indoor facility, dinner clubs and so much more.  Or if you just want to gaze out at your amazing views from your home, this town has been voted as one of the best places to retire to. For families with kids, the schools are excellent and there's always something to do! Arts festivals, the chili cookoff, the rodeo, concerts-or you can just enjoy all that the outdoors offers here: hiking, ice skating, fishing, biking-you name it!"


Considered to be staples of the community, John and Pandora Erlandson of Madison & Properties know that immersing yourself in your community means you get back more than you put in. "We love Evergreen because it is a community where people appreciate living here and as a result, are pretty happy and have a zest for life!" says the couple. "They also work hard to make it a great place to live by putting their care and pride into action, whether it's helping nonprofits, organizing fundraisers, coming together to solve a community issue or just buying local and supporting local businesses."


Longtime local realtor Tupper Briggs with Madison & Company Properties, who has lived and worked in Evergreen for more than 40 years, says he's loved Evergreen since he was a little boy. "Our family had a summer cabin near Evergreen Lake and we roamed the hills in wild abandon. In those days, the fire department set off the community siren at noon, letting us know it was time to go home for lunch. There were no paved roads and it took nearly an hour to make the drive from Denver. Since then, Evergreen has grown up, gotten more residents and become a bedroom community to Denver. But it hasn't lost its rustic flavor or neighborly ambiance. Commuters now whiz to Denver on I-70, we have a few stoplights and traffic jams caused by elk crossing the road, and we boast local conveniences like grocery stores, pharmacies and fast-food stands. We also enjoy top-ranked first-responders in Evergreen Fire & Rescue, the Jeffco Sheriff and all matters of medical care. And there's no excuse to stay indoors with Evergreen Park & Rec District and the scores of national, state, county and local parklands that surround us. We don't have bugs on warm summer evenings or air quality alerts in the winter. Most homeowners don't find it necessary to maintain a lawn or turn on air conditioning anytime. Our elk become reindeer at Christmas and our rodeo parade down Main Street is a family must-see."


For Coldwell Banker Broker Associate and Realtor Tiffany Lockwood, one of the many charms of Evergreen is its inherently warm and comfortable small-town feel. "I revel in the sense of community, strangers will smile at you or offer directions, and neighbors are there to lend a hand. There is a real sense of belonging, of being known and knowing so many. Perhaps our mountainside location makes it easy to meet so many with snow activities, or hiking and biking. Civic activities bring about other opportunities to meet and share interests all contributing to our sense of community. Co-existing with the abundant wildlife is an educational and satisfying benefit of Evergreen.  I love having the elk and deer near or in my yard. I know that often my garden and plants will become their salad bar, but they bring such beauty and are so serene to watch. The opportunity to sit on my deck and watch these majestic animals still gives me a thrill. And if I'm a couple of minutes late to an appointment because I had to stop in the road for the elk to cross, I don't mind at all."


Mark Footer, who managing broker of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Elevated Living Real Estate, believes that Evergreen has "a heart and soul that breathes life into the community, keeping it thriving and energetic." As Footer explains. "We support one another in happy times and in difficult times, we are a community with a big heart. Our first taste of this special Evergreen energy was on a summer day in 2000 as we drove down Evergreen Parkway and crested the hill overlooking the lake. This was the beginning of a connection to the town; we felt not only the physical beauty but also something far deeper. We had lunch at Soho restaurant (now Maya's Cantina and Grill), then found a place to stay the night in a cabin at Bauer's Spruce Island Chalets. Throughout the day, we had several friendly interactions with members of the community, all of these experiences were telling us our quest for the place we were going to establish roots and begin a family had been fulfilled. Cheryl and I moved here in 2001, and today we have three amazing children that have known their entire life as Evergreen natives; they are the product of this community and the people that make it what it is. We became part of the fabric of Evergreen seamlessly, and this is our home in every sense of the word. I drive home every day and reflect on how grateful I am to be part of this place, because we don't just love Evergreen-it loves us back.

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