Celebrating 50 years

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Celebrating 50 Years of Service

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This year (2020) represents the 50th Anniversary of the indispensable Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce (EACC). Although records prove that this nonprofit organization began decades earlier, it officially became what it is today beginning in September of 1970. Years ago, the Chamber welcomed opportunities to promote tourism, trade and rapid growth after after Denver's initial interest and investment penetrated the area.

Because the town of Evergreen is unincorporated, the Chamber has often served a number of functions that a municipal government would normally manage. Most important, the Chamber provides a vehicle to encourage patronage of local businesses. In addition, it was organized to promote the general complexion of the community, as well as surrounding trade areas. As far as membership is concerned, any reputable person, business, association, corporation, partnership or estate is eligible for membership.

Gift card Giveaway supporting any local business! [Closed]

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Evergreen Chamber supporting local business, throughout August & September we spent $50 each business day at our local establishments and posted photos of what you can buy on our social media to showcase the breadth and depth of what there is right here in our mountain community.

What happened to the $1000 worth of the items and gift cards we purchased? We gave them away! It was our birthday and our gift was to pay it forward.

Proud to be giving back to our community!

Thank you for shopping local!

Getting To Know Evergreen

What Did Evergreen Look Like 50 Years Ago?

What Does Evergreen Look Like Now?

Evergreen's origins date back to 1859 when a closely-knit group of families settled here and formed a ranching community. During the late nineteenth century, due to its proximity to Denver, city residents increasingly came up the hill to build summer homes and hunting cabins. After the dam was built and the reservoir filled in 1928 creating Evergreen Lake, the area increased in popularity.

This area's mountain beauty has always called to people, paving the way to settlement, and this has remained the same to this very day. Early on Evergreen was treasured as a community residing in a rural mountain setting that was primarily residential. Locals in this area are still known for their value and preservation of the ambiance, as they work together to keep it alive. Folks tend to be individualistic, independent and quite sensitive to Evergreen's natural locale. Because there is no local traditional government, schools, fire protection, recreational opportunities and other services are provided by the county, or special districts. In absence of government, a coalition of groups and associations is often the best way to reach the people and get a handle on what needs attention.

Today Evergreen has a vibrant and thriving artist community and is recognized as a center for cultural activities shared with the surrounding areas. Existing consortiums include music, theatre, all forms of art, and historical congregations.

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What Can You Buy In Evergreen for $50?

When visiting the area, a stop at the office of the Chamber is an eye-opener. The staff is truly there to introduce you to all that Evergreen and beyond have to offer. Let them light the way to shopping, eating and recreating across the entire community. Besides that, they can tell you about Evergreen's clean water, medical services, accommodations, restaurants, recreation, churches, protective services, and of course, cultural activities. They can help plan a day's outing to Red Rocks Park, Mount Evans, Echo Lake, the buffalo herd on Genesee Mountain, or Buffalo Bill's grave on Lookout Mountain.

Are you an Evergreen Resident? Did you know there are currently over 1300 businesses in the Evergreen Area? Everything from home based businesses, to services, to retail store fronts. Help keep our businesses open by shopping local. Not sure where to find what you need? Reach out to us at the Chamber, (303) 674- 3412 for recommended Chamber Member businesses anytime or check out our business directory, linked here.

Thank you Mindy Lundy Photography for these amazing photos of our local businesses!