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What does it mean to be unincorporated?

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The Evergreen area is unincorporated. An unincorporated area is a region of land that is not governed by a local municipal corporation. The Evergreen area is governed by Jefferson County, headquarters in Golden.

Below is contact information for different Jefferson County departments, demographics, Stats & Tax information, and information related to owning or starting a business in Jefferson County.

Contacting Your Jefferson County Representatives / Departments

Our Comissioners

The Board of County Commissioners acts as the governing body of the county. They are elected at large to four-year terms and enact policies such as the establishment of the property tax rate and the adoption of the budget. They adopt ordinances or local laws that affect citizens living in unincorporated Jefferson County.

Tracy Kraft- Tharp- District 1
Andy Kerr - District 2
Lesley Dahlkemper  - District 3 (Evergreen/Conifer Area)

Telephone: (303) 271-8525
Email: [email protected]
Address: 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden CO 80419

Assessor's Office
Planning and Zoning
Road and Bridge Administration
Building and Signage
Jefferson County Business Lobby
Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation

Future Improvements: Planning & Zoning

Presentation by the Evergreen Technical Advisory Panel (TAP), concerning future improvements in our mountain community including Downtown Evergreen.

The panel includes John Koval, John Binder, Michael Levinson, Don Elliot, Gretchen Wilson, Ann Bowers, & Ann Ricker.

Own A Business / Starting A Business ?

Contact Jefferson County

If you are doing business within Jefferson County, you need to contact the county regarding the following:

    1. The issuance of a liquor license


    1. Plan review, issuance of licenses, and the inspection of businesses engaged in activities that affect the health and environment of the citizens of the county (e.g. daycare, restaurants, mobile food service)


    1. The valuation and collection of Commercial Property Taxes


    1. The valuation and collection of Business Personal Property Taxes


    1. Workforce/Labor Issues


Business Information
Business Information - General
Telephone: (303) 279-6511

Health Department - Jefferson County
General Information
Telephone: (303) 232-6301

Liquor Licensing - Jefferson County
Telephone: (303) 271-8167

Legal Structure & Registration
Business Comparison Chart
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

State and Local Tax Information

Colorado Tax Information

The Colorado income tax rate is a flat 4.63 percent of your federal taxable income, regardless of income level.

Sales taxes Colorado's state sales tax is 2.9 percent on retail sales

  • Machinery and tools used in manufacturing
  • Ingredients used in manufacturing or processing
  • Groceries
  • Sales to governmental units
  • Prescription drugs, eyeglasses, some medical devices

Business Licensing & Sale/Use Tax
Telephone: (303) 238-7378

Jefferson County Planning & Zoning
Telephone: (303) 271-8700

Sales Taxes - Jefferson County
Sales Tax Clear Creek County
The Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR)

Evergreen Demographics

Snapshot of Evergreen

Residential Population: 24,284

Median Age: 47.9

Median household Income: $126,505

Households: 10,829

Average Household Size: 2.45

Families: 7, 399

Average Family Size: 2.85

Median Home Value: $880,000



Presentations By Government Officials