Sensory Experience With Art in Evergreen Gallery

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The Evergreen Gallery is a passageway into a visual and tactile adventure. This Evergreen art shop presents whimsical, handmade creations that will make you smile, take you away from your worries, and make you live in the moment, right here on the historic Main Street of Downtown Evergreen. This gallery with art in Evergreen will be your next happy place.

This 32-year-old business has about 100 marvelous artists. You are welcome to come in and leisurely browse the art in Evergreen.  Gaze at the sculptural glass aspen forests by Longmont artist, Arlyss Grosz or play with the most astonishing handcrafted wood kaleidoscopes ever seen, made by one of our own locals, Henry Bergeson. Take a few moments and laugh at the artisan greeting cards, dream about the milky way through our star photography, reminisce about the stories you could write in the handmade leather journals, and ring the ceramic garden bells.

The storefront windows bring to light our dazzling glass pieces, interior shelves are layered with shapely functional art such as saké sets, berry bowls, and birdhouses, as well as the most stunning fine art Raku vases that will take your breath away every time you set eyes on them. The walls are hung with distinctive pieces to gratify your home décor desires. Jewelry cases are irresistibly flaunting our jewelers' creations made with the elements of the earth … gemstones, pearls, metal, and silver. The 26-year-old Evergreen Angel jewelry collection is also exclusively available here as well.

Do you need a quote to start your day? Our longtime Evergreen potter, Etta Satter creates lovely mugs with a thoughtful saying on one side and a tree of life etching on the other. What about a pair of earrings that are quintessential Colorado? Dancing Elk Designs carves the most elegant earrings and necklaces from the naturally-fallen antlers of elk and deer.

This gallery's art in Evergreen is known as the go-to place year-round for many of our regulars to give gifts that represent Colorado, while they support our small business and local artists all at the same time. Corporate, graduation, retirement and wedding gifts are just a few of the needs that we fill for our customers. You can have that special gift packaged and tied with an attractive ribbon, ready to give the moment you walk out the door, making your life a bit easier.

We're open daily for your enjoyment … just plan a little extra time, because you will be enchanted the second you walk in, possibly get a little bit adrift in the gallery, forgetting the time, and most likely you will leave looking younger and happier.

Open Daily

The Evergreen Gallery

28195 Hwy 74
Evergreen, CO 80439

303-674-4871 | [email protected]