Does Your Insurance in Evergreen Cover Animal Invasion?

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Your dog ate your couch. Birds destroyed your gutter. A family of raccoons or a bear overran your garage.

Will your homeowner's insurance, renter's insurance or auto insurance in Evergreen cover these animal invasions?

and no. Here's the scoop:

If your home suffers damage at the hands (or legs) of insects, rodents, or
vermin, the cost probably won't be covered by your homeowner's insurance.
Whatever damage these unwanted guests cause, including nesting and infestation,
is not usually covered. However, this varies by policy, so be sure to check
with your insurance agent to confirm.

If your personal property is destroyed by an animal, this usually does not fall
under your homeowner's policy coverage. If the animal damages the property
itself, this is probably covered. So, if a bear breaks into your garage and mauls
your tools, you might be on your own to replace your saw, but the damage Mr. Bear
caused to the garage door should be covered.

know not to leave valuables and expensive items in our cars to help avoid
crimes of opportunity. We also need to be mindful not to leave food inside our
cars to invite animal crimes of opportunity.

you are forgetful and leave a yummy
snack inside your car overnight and a bear breaks in, dines and destroys the
interior, like recently in Breckenridge (for the entire story visit:,
your auto insurance policy should cover it. Check with your agent now to
confirm your coverage and be mindful to not leave any offerings in your
car-wherever you may be parked.

Coverage for damages caused by pets varies based on where the damage occurs. If
your cute kitten ruins your new loveseat, you'll have to hold Fluffy responsible.
Your insurance company probably won't pay for that. But if you bring Fido to
your friends' house and he eats their
loveseat, the liability portion of your policy will kick in and cover this

you have concerns about potential animal-related damages? Let us help you
review your policies and determine what specific coverage is best for you and available
in your area. Call Michele or Kristin at RPM Agency 720.683.0010 or [email protected].

spring and Be Bear Aware!

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