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While you are away recreating, be sure your home is insured with Evergreen insurance. You don't want your burglar to suffer from mental anguish.

Most people have homeowner's insurance to cover things like house fires or robberies, but what if your burglar suffers from mental anguish due to a broken garage door opener? This happened to one couple who went away on vacation for a week. While on vacation a burglar robbed their home and tried escaping through the garage. The burglar ended up locking himself in their garage because the garage door opener wouldn't work. He was trapped there for a week and forced to dine on the only food available -- dog food and soda. The burglar escaped when the family came home and promptly filed an insurance claim against the owner for mental anguish. He was awarded $1 million. Yikes!

Spring's an exciting time for everyone - but especially for those weekend warriors who can't wait to break out their recreational vehicles. But before the fun can begin, make sure your favorite toys of summer are shipshape.


From growling Harleys to a city scooter, you never know what kind of bizarre accident you may have while hitting the road. Many claims have resulted from riders catching clothing on their seat while dismounting and their bike lays down or tumbles into a river!


Wherever there's rugged, wild terrain, we know there are even wilder off-roaders trying to tame it. But because ATV riding comes with a good deal of risk, it helps to have an ATV insurance policy to help cover whatever the trail throws your way. Did you know ATV insurance can cover vehicles with 3, 4, 6, or 8 wheels?

Having insurance for an ATV is not required in Colorado, but many people don't know that there are several situations (such as riding on state land) where your liability protection from your homeowner's insurance or other policies may not cover ATVs. Repairing or replacing an ATV can get expensive quickly.

RVs/Travel Trailers…

RVs and travel trailers encompass a wide variety of great getaway vehicles -- from massive motor homes with slide-out bedrooms to compact pop-ups that make standard tents look downright primitive.

Even if you have owned that RV or camper for a while, consider taking a "Crash" course in operating it. Many drivers have ended up knocking their fifth wheel off their hitch with a low tree branch or ended up high centered trying to navigate a narrow entrance ramp-hello guardrail.


Do you know the number one boat insurance claim in America? Is it flipping, sinking, falling off the trailer?

The quintessential toys of summer, boats and PWCs (that's personal watercrafts), let you enjoy all the speed and power of motorcycles and ATVs and take advantage of cool waters too. And their respective insurance coverages offer some equally flexible options, with some add-ons covering all the shiny toys you bring along in your boat - from digital SLRs to deep-sea fishing equipment.

So, what IS the most common boat insurance claim?

The answer:  Hitting a submerged object while cruising.

While nothing beats being out on the water with the sun and a cooler full of sandwiches and beer at Evergreen Lake House, it's important to make sure your boat is covered should something unexpected happen. In fact, the second most common boat insurance claim is having your boat stolen while anchored, which goes to show that you can never be too careful.

What's the third most common boat insurance claim?  A collision with another boat while driving.

Clearly, it's important to think about stuff like boat insurance before you load up the cooler, grab the towels, and set sail on Evergreen Lake Colorado.

Summer fun + peace of mind = fun²

If you're like most people, you think about insurance as little as possible, so you may have a question or two.

We can help. Like a life raft on a sea of complex terms and phrases, we can answer your insurance questions in simple, easy-to-understand language. As Evergreen insurance experts, we've compiled everything you might possibly need to understand in our free "Insurance Terminology Explained" PDF.

From rumbling, grumbling Harleys to palatial Class A motor homes, we offer smart choices for all your grown-up toys. And even if you're already covered, now's the perfect time to see if you can find a better rate. As you break out your grown-up toys in anticipation of sizzling summer fun (if winter ever diminishes), just remember to back up the fun with sweet, sweet peace of mind. Contact Michele or Kristin at or 720.683.0010. Have fun and be safe out there!