Denver Speakers Bureau and Weddings in Evergreen

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Spring has sprung and businesses are eager to make their events bloom. Having a powerful presenter to educate, entertain and inspire audiences makes an event valuable time well spent for all involved.  
Denver Speakers Bureau works with 125+ professional speakers who provide keynotes, training, and memorable info at conferences and meetings. Olympians, professional athletes and celebrities to excite audience members. Denver Broncos and astronauts are some of the most requested "heroes." 

Speaking of heroes- veterans bring a lot of inspiration to audiences. Wounded Air Force TACP and Paralympians Israel del Toro shares stories of Overcoming Obstacles, Resilience and "Stay Strong, Finish Strong" despite having been given a 15% chance of living after suffering catastrophic injuries as a result of a landmine in Afghanistan.  

Business topics are something that organizations are willing to invest resources to improve their employee outcomes. One of the most in-demand business marketing and customer experience speakers in the world today, David Avrin, CSP has shared his content-rich, entertaining, hard-hitting and memorable presentations to enthusiastic audiences across North America and around the world. Corinne Hancock is a globally recognized expert in building world-class leaders, effective teams and cultural diversity, in chaotic environments. Debra Fine, a former introverted engineer, used her left-brain skills to dissect the communication. She provides a fun, interactive presentation on the Fine Art of Communications infusing audiences with much needed skills for networking, job interviewing and even cocktail parties.  

Motivational and inspirational speakers can get audiences excited to elevate their game. Polly Letofsky is the first woman to walk around the world. She left from Vail and overcame many an obstacle circumnavigating the globe. She uses humor to help share her adventures.  Grammy winning Charlie Rocket was a 20-something millionaire manager of some of the world's best-known hip-hop artists. Despite the success, he was battling depression, binge eating, had crippling insecurities and a brain tumor. Despite all odds, Charlie chose to reinvent his life by running marathons and competing in an Ironman triathlon to help lose his weight and reclaim his mental and physical health. His story is so inspirational, Nike selected him as a spokesperson for their "Everybody is an athlete" campaign.  Adrenaline junkie Kenyon Salo pushes audiences to live their "Bucket List Life" NOW in order to achieve greatness in their professional and personal lives. 

Humor by professional comedians is a wonderful way to bring levity to an event while being able to drive home important messages. Jeff Wozer uses Colorado-based clean humor to laugh at the uniquely humorous things that happen in Colorado. He also speaks on the importance of taking time to unplug from modern technology occasionally to enjoy that beauty that surrounds us. Stacy Pederson is popular especially with female audiences who want to get a giggle about topics like motherhood and body challenges although she also wows mixed audiences with the funny side of the millennial generation. As a prize- winning standup comedian with a profanity-free act, Sam Adams has become a sought-after performer on the corporate entertainment circuit. As a motivational public speaker, Sam Adams reinforces an importance to embrace passions, define goals - and to exercise the 'Right To Laugh' in your life's journey. He recommends that you view your life's encounters through a humorous lens to alleviate tensions - at home, in the work place or with your own private thoughts. 

Being physically and mentally fit is important if one wants to continue to be a valuable team member as well as live a happy life. Jamie Shapiro, nutritionist and coach, teaches audiences how to Burn Bright without Burning Out. Michael Kutcher (twin brother of actor Ashton) as an unexpected and underweight twin to his well-known brother, Michael faced the first of several life-threatening circumstances before he took his first breath. Michael is living proof that perseverance and unwavering positivity can surmount seemingly impossible obstacles when choosing to be a Victim or Victor. Diane Sieg, a former ER nurses, teaches audiences to live life not as if it were an emergency. She shares humorous stories as well as hands on techniques for relaxation and inner peace.  

Besides a speaker's availability, pricing is one of the top questions. It is important to know what your budget is before requesting a speaker. We work with speakers who range from $225,000 to $1,000. Give us a call and discuss your particular needs. As our speakers are professionals, deserving to be compensated for their times, talents and efforts - they do not speak for free. 
Springtime also ushers in the start of wedding season. What more beautiful setting for one of life's most memorable events than an Evergreen wedding? The Evergreen Lake House at Evergreen Lake, event halls and even private settings make for an Evergreen wedding that guests will be thrilled to attend and celebrate the milestone marriage. We specialize in officiants who provide unique and personalized ceremonies through our wedding division. 

Back to pricing, weddings in Evergreen area are $375. There may be added fees for additional time needed like a rehearsal. Price also adjusts depending on how far away the event is. If it takes time to drive to the location, travel expenses may be added. Shockingly, one thing that does NOT affect the price is amount of people attending. Whether is an intimate ceremony with 10 or hundreds of your besties, it doesn't take additional effort on the officiant's part. 
If you are having an event or know of one that is being planned, let us know. We can help and we love to partner with other Evergreen Chamber of Commerce members. We make conference and event planning fun with speakers extraordinaire. We can help make your next conference or event an affair to remember!  
Visit us today on our website at or give us a call at (303) 478-6652