Evergreen Carpet Cleaning

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Hi there! This is Amy, owner of Rocky Mtn Pro-Tek.  I am a mother of 5 children, and we call Evergreen our home.  Rocky Mtn Pro-Tek has been a family owned Evergreen business for 26 years, servicing the mountain areas from Golden to Bailey and even up to Shawnee.  I purchased the Evergreen carpet cleaning business about 4 months ago, but I have been working in the industry for a few years now, and I absolutely love it.

We are a cleaning business that
specializes in carpet, leather, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning.  We
use a truck mounted, hot water extraction process.  This process provides the deepest clean you
can get.  Our water is heated by our mounted machine in our vans, and with
the combined powers of heat, a good cleaning agent, and suction we can remove
many things from the fibers.  We can even extract urine and large drink
spills.  We start by inspecting the areas
that you want cleaned, and go over any concerns you may have, and we discuss
the wear and tear, so you feel confident as a customer with what you are
purchasing.  We are always upfront about what we feel we can do for
you.  If we don't think it's a wise
investment to clean, we suggest replacement while offering to put you on a
maintenance plan for cleaning once the new carpet is installed.  This will help protect your investment.

We always pre-vacuum to ensure we
remove the dry soil we can before cleaning.  Dry soil mixed with water
creates mud, and we don't want any of that! 
We then take our cleaning solutions and spray it on your carpet, giving
it time to loosen the dirt from the fibers, and then we rinse it out with the
hot water flowing from the cleaning wands.  Afterwards, we groom the
carpet to remove footprints we may have left, and lines from our cleaning
wands.  We also groom your upholstery to
remove any leftover dirt they may have risen to the surface, as well as ensure
that we don't leave lines in the fibers. 
This helps it to dry faster as well.  We offer a Teflon based
protector for carpet and upholstery that will help lengthen the life of the
fibers.  Most people don't know that
carpets and upholstery come with protector already applied, but it wears off
after about 1 year of normal traffic and use, or 6 months of heavy traffic and
use.  We are just simply reapplying what
has already been applied at the time of manufacture.  

We sweep, or vacuum tile prior to
cleaning to ensure that there are no small rocks or other hard debris that can
get stuck in our equipment and scratch your tile.  We use a special
cleaning solution that help remove dirt and bacteria from all the little holes
in both the tiles and the grout.  Once
the tile is cleaned, we ensure that it's completely dry so that, unlike carpet,
you can walk on it right away.  For tile, we offer a sealer that will help
bacteria, water, and dirt from seeping into the pores of the grout. This will
lengthen the life of your grout and help it from breaking apart over time. 

For our leather cleaning process, we
offer a deep clean that removes dirt and grease.  First, we remove all the
dirt with a special cleaner made for leather. 
After cleaning the leather, we apply a deep conditioner that helps keep the
higher trafficked areas from cracking and drying out.  We then follow that
with a protector that that helps dirt and grease from soaking into the soft

Customer service is our number one
priority.  It starts from the moment we drive to your home.  Our
machines are never pointed towards any openings of your home as to protect you
and all other inhabitants.  This is because our machines run off of
gasoline and produce fumes.  Shoe covers
are worn, and tarps are placed on the floor to protect your floors.
 Corner guards are placed on every corner we may be taking hoses around to
ensure the walls and any furniture remains unharmed.  A door guard is placed over your front door
to keep the cold and heat outside, and to also prevent pets from running out
the door.  At the end of each service, you will receive shoe covers for as
many people are living in the house, so you don't have to worry about walking
on wet carpet barefoot or with socks on. 

You can call us to set up a free quote for your Evergreen cleaning needs.  We understand that sometimes people would really like a set price, so they know what to expect, which is why we offer this.  You can call us anytime and we can get that set up for you.  Evergreen Chamber members will receive 10% off cleaning total, a $144 minimum applies to all cleanings. Contact us at 303-674-4442

We love Evergreen and the community
that has been created here.  We believe that if we can provide our local
towns with the best service we can, we can keep our small town feel alive.
 If you are curious to hear what others have to say, you can read our
reviews on our Facebook page, our website, google, and yelp.