The Evergreen Gallery is Remodeled

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The past two years have been a long adventure since buying the 32-year-old Evergreen Gallery from Lisa Mallin. In May 2017, I became the fourth owner of this well-loved Colorado artisan gift shop. Meryl Sabeff was the original owner, and she continues to be a favorite potter of customers with her functional ceramics on the shelves occasionally.  

I hired local design firm, Alexa Interiors, to do a month-long makeover for the gallery just over a year ago, between mid-January to mid-February of 2018. I needed someone to schedule and control the work of the contractors so that I could renovate and reopen as quickly as possible, and I knew Alexa Cowley was the one to make this happen.  

On the first day of demolition, the main contractor, Dominic, turned up the dance music, grabbed a sledgehammer, and started bouncing around with a happy fury that I couldn't fathom. He quickly ripped out the original sales counter and "behind the scenes" walls. I was there for this event, and the look of fear on my face was enough that he took just a moment to console me, but also telling me demolition day was his favorite part of any remodel. All I could think of was "What have I done?! I took a successful business, emptied it of all the artwork and closed up shop and now it's a warzone." I couldn't see the end in sight at this point, and I dreaded that I made the wrong decision.  

Through the dust, haze and piles of rubble, I would see Alexa and her team walking in with the sweetest smiles on their faces daily for the next few weeks, only because they knew their vision was coming to realization. I just couldn't see it for a long time with anxiety in my heart that the gallery would never open again.  

The walls were ripped out enlarging the floor space and opening up the views.  All the large oak shelves were overhauled with new paint and repositioned creating more wall area and a more walkable flow. Jewelry cases from the former Evergreen Fine Art Gallery were brought in and painted, and the bases of them were covered with reclaimed Wyoming snow fence. A beautiful new feature wall, once all covered with discolored gray commercial carpet, was also enhanced with the reclaimed wood, serving as a focal point and backdrop behind the new sales counter. 

It's been over a year now since I reopened, and the artwork and I are settled back in nicely. Several times a day I still have customers walk in and tell me "You remodeled!" with some patrons even thinking this is a new art gallery in Evergreen. Yes, it ended up being a very successful decision after all, as I have noticed that so many more people are enjoying the overall atmosphere and linger for a longer time, with much less breakage of our fragile items over all. The gallery is busier now than over the past several years, according to the records. 

Also, to add more depth to my life, I have taken on the ownership of the collectible, 26-year-old Evergreen Angel™ jewelry pendants, in which proceeds benefit our local Mt. Evans Home Health Care and Hospice. This program was originally carried by the Evergreen Fine Art Gallery, but with the retiring of Phil Shanley and Barb Hadley they asked me to carry on the tradition. I said yes, and now I have added a whole new depth to the gallery. I'm more thankful than ever that I am beyond the remodel and have a new beautiful home for these meaningful angel designs, all created within the USA.  

I invite you to come in and enjoy the creativity and workmanship of the Colorado artists that I represent. Some are old favorites, and several are quite new, or possibly have come in from Evergreen Fine Art and Main Street Fine Art Galleries. What I offer for the home or for gifts, is now changing more frequently, so please don't assume a once-a-year visit will suffice. Come in and enjoy the experience … whether it be viewing the most incredibly designed kaleidoscopes, gazing at the dazzling aspen tree glass sculptures, or relaxing in a one-of-a-kind hand-painted chairs with belts as the seats.  

To add to all the beautiful pieces to choose from, the art in Evergreen gallery also offers gift boxes and packaging for most of the artwork, and we will top off with a beautiful ribbon for all occasions - weddings, anniversaries, closing gifts, birthdays, retirements and most other special moments. Our frequent patrons love this iconic Evergreen go-to destination. 

Visit The Evergreen Gallery in downtown Evergreen at
28195 Hwy 74
Evergreen, CO 80439
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