Ice Fishing in Evergreen

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The crisp mountain air is refreshing to me. I always loved how the hills are subtly reflected in the thick solid frozen ice. Setting up my ice fishing equipment puts me at ease when I begin my routine movements. Evergreen Lake is my favorite place to go ice fishing. The dull roar of bustling morning traffic on Rt 74 juxtaposes the pristine quiet meadow adjacent to the lake. The mountain town of Evergreen captures the essence of the outdoors, and is the perfect place to set my chair on the ice. 

As I began unpacking my ice fishing equipment, each sound became amplified within the still, frozen air: the unzipping of his backpack, the metal runners of the sled making marks in the ice, and the distant echo of the disruptive engine from the ice auger. These sounds are important to me as each one was unique in creating the perfect atmosphere in my mind.  

Keeping warm was second in priority to enjoying the fresh mountain views that the lake provided. Sometimes all I can think about was grabbing a hot cup of cocoa from downtown historic Evergreen, and walk along the shops on the boardwalk. I love being able to stroll down Main Street and enjoy the small mountain town vibes during lunch hour. I'll pop into my favorite coffee shop and chat with the man behind the counter for a few minutes, before returning to my ice throne. 

At times, my mind would wander and I'd wish I was at home, sitting in front of my cozy wood stove, stoking the fire every few hours. But ice fishing, to me, was a different comfort. One that reminded me of fishing trips with Grandpa, devouring near-frozen ham and cheese sandwiches and feeding the crumbs to the fish down below. As a kid, I never understood why Grandpa loved ice fishing so much, or if he actually enjoyed spending time with me. I now understand that embracing the moment of being out on the lake is time well spent.  

Still, everyone asks me, "What's the point? Sitting all day on a frozen lake, with only a chance of actually catching a fish seems unrewarding." Well, I certainly don't think so. I think people are missing the point. Rather, I think people should appreciate what others enjoy. Ice fishing to me is beautiful. The elegant patterns in the frozen lake remind me of abstract art. The lack of smell from the fish really gives you a sense of how cold it is. All of the hustle and bustle around you seems to glide by you. These are the qualities of ice fishing that make it worth it. 

When I'm ice fishing on Evergreen Lake, I'm creating memories. Memories that I can share with my friends and family by the fireplace at the end of a good long day outside.  

Telling stories is part of our culture, and a having a warm cozy atmosphere to share them is essential to that. Sitting around the fire telling stories gives us that chance to understand each other and get a small glimpse into the life and thoughts of your loved ones. It gives a deeper understanding to your relationship. 

Next time we're sitting in front of the wood stove, I'll tell you about how the sun rises just slightly to the left of the hillside, or how the fish love my ham and cheese sandwiches more than the bait on the end of my line.  

Remember to live your passions and share your stories... around the fireplace. 

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