Cyber Security for Evergreen Businesses

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See where your business stands

Unlike traditional IT companies where cyber security is overlooked and considered only after an incident occurs, our cyber security for Evergreen businesses team plans ahead and protects systems before the business is interrupted.

MegaByte Security is proud to call the Evergreen community home. Founded by two former federal agents, we are a veteran-owned cybersecurity company offering full service managed information technology services. Unlike traditional IT companies where cybersecurity is overlooked and considered only after an incident occurs, our team plans ahead and protects systems before the business is interrupted.


See where your business stands. For a limited time, MegaByte Security is offering a free or discounted rate comprehensive internal and external network assessment, including an analysis of exposure in the Dark Web and Dark Markets to all new clients. The assessment provides multiple reports from executive overviews to detailed technical reports to provide to your current IT support with no obligation to engage our services. Have us come in and improve your cyber defenses today-and you will sleep better tonight-knowing your business is protected.


Cybersecurity threats are becoming more and more prevalent. Cyber attackers are targeting businesses of all sizes and the data that business holds have become increasingly more valuable. We offer services to assess security through audits and we provide ongoing IT and cybersecurity solutions to our clients to protect them on a daily basis. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year we monitor for security events and the health of our client's computer systems. Most alerts can be handled quickly and remotely at reduced costs over having on-site IT support.


Businesses today employ technology in many different ways. Technology can support business from processing sales transactions to basic office functions. However, technology can drive businesses into greater opportunities and even put the business in a whole new direction. A technology strategy can evolve a business to be more efficient and offer greater capabilities to themselves and to their customers. Our IT consulting services review the business needs first and how technology can support those business needs and the business goals going forward.


Full IT support allows businesses to reduce their cost with our remote support capabilities. From the firewall to desktop, we ensure a cohesive cybersecurity environment. This is complemented by providing cybersecurity training to the business that highlights the latest real-world examples and practical steps to prevent those threats.


When companies hear Disaster Planning and Business Continuity, it's often related to natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. However, these terms also apply to the cybersecurity posture of the business as well. Loss, access to, and corruption of data can have a direct impact on the success of the business, costing businesses sometimes thousands of dollars an hour. Data breaches can affect customer confidence and even the success of the business itself. Get proactive in securing data. MegaByte Security brings years of public and private sector experience, best practices, and 24/7 monitoring to guide your business towards a stronger security posture. A comprehensive technology strategy reduces stress and can be the turning point in business stability or growth. See where your business stands, call us today for your free or discounted rate assessment!


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