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Saturday, May 18, Trevor will run the first race in this summer's Evergreen Trail Series-a 10k through Elk Meadow, a park that he runs often throughout the week. To run a business in Evergreen has its ups and downs.

Since moving Wander Unlimited to Evergreen, we've been proud to see much of our business shift into the local community as well. It's been a dream to work with brands who have established their businesses-and their lives-in the same place we chose. And because of that commitment, we are always looking for other ways to plug into the mountain community and be a part of this town we have chosen. The Trail Series races allow Trevor to participate in something he loves to do, with other members of our community.

Specifically, one of our new local clients, Active4All, is the foundation for a thriving Evergreen Parks and Rec District. They mobilize public support and financial resources for the parks system in our town. Working with the team is the perfect example of blending our local passions and work, into something that creates a whole lifestyle. We believe these longstanding partnerships are not only building our business, but they are helping us form roots into a great life for us and our family. (Wander Unlimited will even be sponsoring next winter's Active4All Polar Plunge on New Year's Day!)

When you work for yourself, and especially when you work from home, work can become all-consuming. We try to be diligent about compartmentalizing our time with activities outside of work. Physical activity, like running and yoga or biking in Evergreen allows us to break up our days and care for our bodies-which, in turn, produces better work. We intentionally set time aside for ourselves. It's blocked off on the calendar and is time that is OURS! Making small commitments like this allow us to run WU, not let it run us. It takes discipline to work from home together, every day; but we still enjoy the flexibility and the lifestyle it affords us.

Learn more about the Trail Series here! And more about Wander Unlimited here.

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