Saddle Up & Go – Things to do in Evergreen

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Now that the weather has finally turned to springlike and we are not outside in heavy coats with shovels we can have sooooo much fun here in Evergreen.

And…. there are many many neat things to do in Evergreen.

Play with the kids, play with the dogs, hike with family as well as the dogs, swim at the pool, play golf, play tennis……I could go on and on.  But one thing stands out for me when the weather is just perfect like it is today.

I would say that my absolute favorite activity to do when the weather is just gorgeous is to trailer my horse to one of the many Jefferson County Open Space Parks and just ride her for hours if I can.  I love to pack a lunch with plenty of trail mix, a big water bottle filled with ice and something good to drink (usually water).  After about 3 hours I get off, loosen the saddle and let my horse munch on the grass while I munch on my lunch.  Then after a short rest continue the ride.

I do have to mention that riding with a few friends is also relaxing but once in a while, it is nice to just have some one on one time with the best horse in the world in the best park in the world.

Of course, it is a necessity to be gone from the house for several hours while there is a project being done in the house.

How about when you decide to remodel the kitchen?

Much as you love your general contractor, the noise, confusion and general chaos from hammers, saws, nail guns and guys talking back and forth and the radio playing at a bit of a loud volume are perfect reasons escape.  Connect the trailer, pick a park, saddle up and just go.  What could be easier?

You will be surprised at your change of attitude from jumpy with the clenched jaw to smiles and happy camper.  Just getting out anywhere in our wonderful Jefferson County Park System makes the day just that much better.

My name is Judi Quackenboss and I am the owner of Cabinets of Denver. I can make your home beautiful while you are enjoying the many things to do outside in Evergreen. Contact me and I will work with you on your dream kitchen. or (303) 584-9909.

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