Seniors in Evergreen

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I have memories of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail, the breeze in my face, ancient rocks under my feet, billions of stars overhead every night. I marched with Dr. Martin Luther King in Mississippi to passionately fight injustice. I flew my beloved small plane for 50+ years, crisscrossing over our continent, surrounded by puffy white clouds and a bluebird sky.

For seniors in Evergreen, quality recreation changes, whether suddenly by stroke or illness, or the slow, natural decline of my joints and muscles. But QUALITY it is, even in my golden years!

In Tai Chi, an internal Chinese martial art, my core holds strong as my limbs push back and forth, a fusion of Yin & Yang. "Slow but Steady" is my motto now. I am NOT giving up movement. I relish the focus and clarity I experience in Tai Chi, one with the earth under my feet and the universe above.

Moving into my sun-filled living room, I join a friend, shifting my focus to a puzzle. We sift through subtle changes in hues, searching valiantly to match and pair shapes and colors, feeling accomplishment with every successful attempt. Oversized windows and an abundance of natural light are essential for aging eyes. Again "focus" is key for success and we enjoy the journey together.

Time for elementary school now. My personal driver delivers me to the front door and I make my way into the classroom, greeted by so many young smiles and waves! Once a week I relish volunteering with these children. Age differences fade away as I read aloud to a rapt audience. Together we are transported to different worlds where dragons fly, magic is abundant, danger lurks and "good triumphs over evil." We gasp, giggle and grow together. I experience their curiosity for the world. Sitting with these kids is just magic.

I am every resident at Village at Belmar Senior Living Community. I am not giving up movement, focus or personal growth. I am finding new passions and learning opportunities every day. I enjoy Evergreen music and art in Evergreen. I have friends to share meals, challenges, joys and sorrows. Whether living here independently or with assistance, I am not giving up. If you or someone you know needs a little assistance, or more people and a few less stairs in their life, reach out. Village at Belmar might be your place to find a new "Quality of Life."

Amy W. Davis | 303-351-5455 or