Spotlight Interview: Frozen Fire

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Interview with Jordan Brooks, Client Support Specialist
3560 Evergreen Pkwy, #B4 | Evergreen 80439
(720) 340-5273 |
July 2020 Newsletter excerpt 

Q. What is Frozen Fire?
Frozen Fire is a digital marketing, web development, and video production agency that serves clients across the country, across industries, and with a wide variety of unique needs. Frozen Fire has been around since 1999 - we've experienced change and understand the need to evolve. We are the marketing company that leverages each and every individual skillset within our organization to create the most powerful and effective marketing strategy to meet our client's primary objectives.

Q. Who does Frozen Fire serve?
Frozen Fire serves businesses who have recognized a need for digital marketing and video production services. To be the most effective, we must have straightforward communication and collaboration with our clients and have insight into the operations, purpose and goals of the business.

Q. Does Frozen Fire give back to the community? In what ways?
At Frozen Fire, giving back to the community is at the core of our company's mission. As a result, we've launched the "Get Fired Up" campaign, which awards a 30 second motion graphics video to a nonprofit each month! Our time and talent are the greatest gifts we can give nonprofits that are doing good in our community.

Q. How does Frozen Fire adapt to clients changing needs?
Clients' needs are constantly changing and evolving along with our world, and we've made it our goal to grow and adapt alongside them in order to continually deliver forward-thinking marketing strategies. Most recently, when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the United States, we quickly shifted our focus in order to solve our clients' immediate needs. With many restaurant and retail clients, we moved fast to equip those businesses with online
ordering and e-commerce platforms to adapt to a new, contactless world. We also helped businesses in a variety of industries communicate to their employees and customers through compelling videos in response to the pandemic.

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