Spotlight Interview: Wander Unlimited

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Interview with Trevor Noel, Owner of Wander Unlimited
Evergreen 80439
(303) 351-2086
2020 June Chamber Newsletter

Q. What services do you offer?

Wander Unlimited is a digital creative agency, based in Evergreen, working with clients large and small across the country. Our specialties lie in branding and content creation, crafting stunning visual messaging for brands. We are storytellers across digital mediums, which has become increasingly important as individuals and businesses have been adjusting to a new lifestyle.

Q. What inspired you to start Wander Unlimited?

Wanderers at heart, we began Wander Unlimited to blend our lifestyle and eye for design. Our business model allows us to be creative and nimble-which, yes, benefits us, but also benefits the client. We can create content from nearly anywhere and share it on any platform, allowing everyone to be happy and successful both in work and in life.

Q. What is the future for this type of business?

As COVID-19 has shown us, much more life and business can be done online than we had been taking advantage of, clearing up time for family, hobbies, and caring for others and our world. Wander Unlimited helps our clients concentrate their messaging, making it beautiful and creative and then plant it on the screens of a highly targeted audience. We've seen our business dramatically increase because brands are farming out production work that was at one time handled in-house.

Q. How are you involved in the community?

Working in Evergreen has become incredibly important to us. Wander Unlimited has worked with local businesses because we believe in the power of community and in supporting those who live and work right here in town.
We also have worked with local non-profits (EChO, Athletes4Life, Active4All) and schools (Clear Creek School District) so that we're not only pouring into the local economy, but the culture and future of our town.