Spotlight Interview: Your Mountain Connection

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Interview with Jeff Smith - Owner/Publisher
(303) 674-3701 | |
EST. 2004/Current Ownership since 2017.
January 2020 Newsletter excerpt

Q. How often do you publish? How many subscribers do you have? 
Your Mountain Connection is a free publication that comes out on the first of every month. There are no subscriptions. They are delivered to each home and business in Evergreen, Conifer, Pine and Bailey and the surrounding areas. For those who do not receive their mail at home, the paper is distributed to racks at the Post Offices and around the

Q. What's new with Your Mountain Connection?
In 2018 we added several new staff members - writers, a photographer and a new copy editor. We also have many new advertisers. The results they received have been very good. You are welcome to contact any of them and ask about their responses.

Q. Why are these new aspects important to the business?
We are a 'positive news' paper. We do not have reporters, sports, political editorials, etc. There are good weekly reporting papers that fill that niche. We are consumer oriented and like local history, local human interest stories, local artists, writers and poets, etc.  We also support our local nonprofits and start up businesses. We have contributed over $117,000 to local nonprofits over the past several years.

Q. Is there anything else you would like your fellow Chamber members to know? 
Your Mountain Connection has been in these communities for over 26 years with three different owners during that period. Each one has continue the tradition of 'news on the positive side'. We work with our advertisers to make sure they receive the best possible response from the readers and we can design your ads free. Give us a call - our pricing is very competitive and the advertiser mix is very diverse.

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