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Sales Tax - Jefferson County

Unincorporated Jefferson County (including state and special districts): 4.5 percent.

Unincorporated Jefferson County Aspen Park Metropolitan District (including state and special districts): 4.75 percent.

These totals are separated into the following: state of Colorado - 2.9 percent; RTD - 1 percent; Cultural - 0.1 percent; Southeast Jeffco LID - 0.5 percent; Aspen Park Metropolitan District 0.25 - percent; Jeffco Open Space - 0.5 percent. Exemptions:


Sales Tax Information For Clear Creek County

A sales tax license is not needed from the County - this is obtained from the State because the State of Colorado Department of Revenue collects Clear Creek County tax. All sales tax and lodging tax collected is remitted to the State and then distributed by the State to the County. To obtain a sales tax license with the State of Colorado or for specific questions about sales tax, visit the Colorado Department of Revenue, ,or call 303-238-7378.


  • Clear Creek County Sales Tax rate is 1 percent.
  • In addition, there is a County Lodging Tax rate of 2 percent.
  • Colorado State sales tax rate is 2.9 percent. [§39-26-106 C.R.S.]

Colorado Tax Information

The Colorado income tax rate is a flat 4.63 percent of your federal taxable income, regardless of income level.

Sales taxes Colorado's state sales tax is 2.9 percent on retail sales

  • Machinery and tools used in manufacturing
  • Ingredients used in manufacturing or processing
  • Groceries
  • Sales to governmental units
  • Prescription drugs, eyeglasses, some medical devices

Business Licensing & Sale/Use Tax
(303) 238-7378

Jefferson County Planning & Zoning
(303) 271-8700