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Experiencing springtime snow?  Coloradans and especially Evergreeners are familiar with just how quickly the weather can change.  While going through what often feels like all four seasons in one day, Colorado weather is notorious for being unpredictable. In Evergreen, the snowy season lasts around 8 months, bringing the snowless period to only 4 months each year.  Sunny one minute and snowing the next, you may try to guess the weather, but it is always changing!  Fortunately, this diverse and untamed weather doesn't keep locals or visitors from participating in their favorite outdoor activities; in Colorado year-round recreation is a part of our culture! Stay at an Evergreen bed and breakfast anytime during your next visit!

Whether you're playing disc golf at Beaver Ranch disc golf course or skiing the spring snow at Loveland or Breck, the Rocky Mountains have endless offerings when it comes to getting outdoors.  Evergreen Lake is the perfect scenic destination for winter ice skating, summer kayaking, peaceful paddle boarding, and concerts at the Lake House.  Sightsee while you hike Lookout Mountain, visit Buffalo Bill's grave, and explore Three Sisters Park.  What's better than having a mid-hike picnic while you take in the beauty of mother nature and feel at one with your surroundings?  These outdoor recreational activities inspire us to appreciate and connect with the natural beauty of the environment where we reside.  For visitors, getting involved in such activities can provide a necessary change of perspective and a sense of motivation.  Removing yourself from everyday surroundings opens the eyes to fresh ideas. Practicing recreational activities regularly is great exercise, stimulating the body both physically and mentally. This is why we encourage you to leave behind the hustle and bustle of your daily grind and escape to the mountains with us to refresh your outlook.

The best part is - there is an abundance of recreational activities available nearby when you stay with us at the historic Bears Inn Bed and Breakfast Evergreen! Located in the Marshdale area of Evergreen, Bears Inn B & B Evergreen is the perfect cozy getaway, your home away from home.  Choose Bears Inn for your year-round lodging needs while taking advantage of the many activities to choose from nearby.  Take in the crisp mountain air and scenic views, then retreat to the Inn and lay your head to rest in one of our eleven uniquely themed rooms.  With a lavish three-course breakfast included with every stay, we will send you on your next adventure prepared for anything!  For your afternoon activities, add our picnic package to your stay which includes a to-go pack, including locally homemade granola and other healthy snacks to keep you going throughout the day.

Whatever your adventure may bring, we're certain that you will enjoy experiencing the diverse amount of activities near Evergreen, which is what makes it truly a destination location.

Bears Inn Bed & Breakfast Evergreen


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