Water Safety at Evergreen Lake

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Take out your cell phone and set the timer for 20 sec…c'mon humor me. Start it. Quick! Check a recent text or better yet that FB status. Water safety at Evergreen Lake can never be taken for granted.

That's how long it takes for a child to drown, 20 seconds. Sixty seconds for an adult. "If only I'd known it could happen so fast." "If only I'd known it was so silent." "If only I'd known my teenage swim teamer is most at risk to drown in a lake." Baywatch spoiled us. It portrayed plenty of warning as the victim flailed and yelled for help while waiting for that buff lifeguard to rescue them in the nick of time.

Water covers so much of Evergreen and Colorado in general. Not to mention hot tubs in our mountain homes. Evergreen Lake has Evergreen fishing year-round for all ages.  Maybe that's why we are ranked 20 out of all states for drowning fatalities (CDC 2018). Children 1 to 4 years of age are most likely to drown in a swimming pool, most of the time with supervision. The second leading cause of death in teens is drowning. As summer approaches keep in mind that good swim instruction at an early age prevents 88% of drownings. Ages 1 to 4 are when they need it most. Teens need life jackets just as much as your toddler when enjoying our waters. We make them buckle up in the car. Make sure your kids buckle up before they go into the water with a life vest. The water around your home or campsite should have a barrier that is truly childproof. And let's be honest, toddlers can outsmart most of us to get what they want. Finally, ALWAYS designate someone to watch the water without distraction. These layers of protection are needed when life vests are not on. That's where we come in.

If you are looking for Swim Lessons that apply real-life situations and teach these skills give us a call. Our four pillars are: 1. Teaching how water works (Science) 2. Water is Unpredictable (respect and problem solving) 3. Swim Skills 4. Water Heals Us. Our lessons apply to your Colorado lifestyle. We believe dry land parent education classes should accompany lessons so we offer this to all our new families. We want to avoid "If only I'd known." Inquire about our free 3-6 month infant classes.


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Swim4Life, LLC

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Water Safety & Awareness Day, May 24th from 12-4pm at gardens by the dam. Hope to see you there!