Whole Body Cryotherapy for Inflammation Evergreen Cryotherapy

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Inflammation is the root cause of so many chronic conditions. Whether it is stress related, exercise-induced or autoimmune disorders such as fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis, we all experience it or know someone who is going through it. I have spent a small fortune at the vitamin store buying supplements to reduce my inflammation. I have a cabinet full of so many turmeric blends that I have tried, with the hopes that I would get some relief for my arthritis & my achy body. One vitamin specialist would tell me that I need to take a supplement for months to get it into my system so that it would start working; another would say that if it didn't work immediately, it wasn't the right supplement for me. Hence the small fortune in supplements.

So when I heard a commercial on the radio for whole-body cryotherapy, the benefits listed were: increase collagen production, burn 500-800 calories per session, increase energy, improve mood, reduce inflammation…at that point, that commercial had my full attention!! Could cryotherapy be the answer to my inflammation woes? Could it really help me in just 3 minutes? Seriously, 3 MINUTES? Like most skeptics, I needed proof! I sought out a facility for cryotherapy in Evergreen as well as in nearby Golden, Lakewood and Arvada - there were none, so I drove all the way out to Castle Rock. I went for the recommended series of sessions and my body responded fairly quickly. Ten sessions in close succession was all it took to get my inflammation under control.

Now I go to the cryotherapy chamber periodically to maintain the results. Or sometimes I go in for an energy boost to get me through the afternoon. I definitely go in more as my Evergreen outdoor recreation activities increase, simply because that is when I tend to really push myself to the limit. Cryotherapy has truly changed the quality of life for me and for so many others. I have learned that just because it is chronic, that doesn't mean it's permanent. It's available to everyone. If you have tried everything else to reduce your inflammation with no luck, come try whole body cryotherapy at Evergreen Cryotherapy. Why not? What do you have to lose! www.evergreencryotherapy.com (303) 908-5852