Why Hire an Evergreen Caterer?

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Think of the last event you went to that was catered. All the guests gather around the buffet line (or in some instances, the service was table side) chatting and having a good time.  The food was nicely presented, the hot foods were hot and the cold foods were cold.  That's what the guests experience with an Evergreen caterer.

Here's what we experience on our side:

Meeting with the customer

Designing a menu for the event

Purchase the food and ingredients

Preparing the menu items

Loading up the Evergreen catering van

Delivering the food

Setting up tables, chairs, plates, etc.

Aesthetically displaying the food

Keeping the food stocked

Busing tables

Packaging left overs

Cleaning up (yes, we even do dishes!)


If all you experience is Good Food, on time, and tasty, we have done our job.

For your next event, consider catering in Evergreen by calling Trusan Cuisines at: 303.517.6225 or email: [email protected] and all you will have to do is enjoy the moment with your guests, we do the rest! Click here to visit our website.